A Retrospective / by Rob Fleming

Ten years ago this week, I re-invented myself.

After so many years of neglect, stress and abuse, my Psyche needed a reboot: I’d had enough.

I decided that no longer was I going to be defined by my career. Nor by my partners. Or by my possessions and income. 

I needed to chuck it all. I needed to rediscover what made life worth living—worth getting out of bed in the morning.

Ten years ago this week, I doubted my sanity; “You’re cutting your lifelines and upending your life.”

Six months on—after searching deep and finding a natural purpose and rhythm—I could tease myself with a “Why’d you wait so long to do it, bub?”

In the intervening years, I’ve learned much about myself. About our planet.

About human nature. And friendships.

About art and music; about science. Religions.

And let’s not forget food. 

But—most importantly—I am happy*.

I’ve taken creative problem solving—that which has always propelled me—to get me everywhere from the jungles of Laos to the souks of Morocco. From a sea of stars in the Outback to juke joints in the Mississippi Delta.

I’ve seen amazing temples and heard mind-blowing music. I’ve even seen a magnificent sunset or two.

So, on this anniversary I’m left to wonder: What good things will the next 10 years bring?

*(for the most part)


The Last 10 Years : http://therobf.com/map/